PIMS Safety Solution

A unique integration of technology, people, and processes.

A Holistic Approach to Safety

PIMS SAFETY SOLUTION combines PIMS SAFETY software with ValSource, Inc. consulting and safety services. This comprehensive solution provides clients with tailor-made strategies that help create a more proactive and effective safety culture among their employees.

  • PIMS SAFETY software is versatile technology that encompasses incident reporting, risk assessment, safety training, and compliance tracking. PIMS SAFETY’s user-friendly interface and robust analytics allow organizations to gain valuable insights into their safety performance in real-time. This empowers them to identify potential hazards, minimize risks, and optimize safety protocols.

  • ValSource, Inc. consultants are industry experts who plan, direct and implement effective safety programs that ensure companies are fully equipped to navigate the evolving landscape of safety regulations and best practices through training, assessments, and data analysis.

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    Our PIMSHQ software combines the best of project, program and knowledge management into a single, collaborative workspace providing real-time monitoring and seamless data dissemination.

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