Optimize Time, Effort and Investment

PIMSHQ facilitates seamless data flow and knowledge sharing – saving you time, money, and effort.


Uniting People, Projects, and Information - Worldwide.

PIMSHQ software combines the best of project, program, and knowledge management – into one collaborative workspace for project delivery – providing real-time monitoring and seamless data dissemination.

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PIMSHQ Software Proven Solutions

Companies 1,500+

Delivery Scope GLOBAL (USA, Europe & Asia Pacific)

Project Team Members 15,000+

Total Project Value $10BB+

Pain-Free Project Delivery

With PIMSHQ services, you own and control the information and data – from concept through project completion – and beyond. Maximize value while driving measurable impact.

Information Issues

PIMSHQ alleviates information issues like needlessly sharing outdated information by creating a unified workspace where all team members can input information into a single, shared platform. By aggregating information, PIMSHQ benefits future projects.

Cumulative Costs

Avoid cumulative costs of utilizing multiple project delivery programs, and the obstacle of using expensive, individual licenses or seats. PIMSHQ allows an unlimited number of users under a single, monthly fee.


Alleviate needlessly difficult and inefficient information and data sharing by creating a seamless delivery of data input, retrieval, and dissemination—no duplication of time, effort or expense. Leveraging project knowledge delivers schedule and economic efficiency.

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Our PIMSHQ software combines the best of project, program and knowledge management into a single, collaborative workspace providing real-time monitoring and seamless data dissemination.

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