PIMS Safety is a hosted SaaS (Software as a Service) application created to help clients effectively manage and report on their safety program. Our web portal allows users to access safety data and assess the effectiveness of the measures they are using to support their safety processes.

PIMS Safety Provides:

Safety Program Management

  • Use Safety Observations from the workforce as leading indicators and observe their impact on project safety, including collection by:
    • Scanned paper
    • SMS Text
    • Kiosk
    • PIMS Mobile Safety Observation app
  • Investigate Incidents to document and assess the root cause of events as lagging indicators to mitigate against future event occurrence
  • Collect man-hours to augment reporting on RIR and DART
  • Document contractor training credentials and certifications to maintain a safety-compliant workforce
  • Leverage Contractor Report Card to assess contractor performance on key safety metrics
  • Customize the MY PIMS Safety Dashboard and reporting to access relevant information for analysis

Project Safety

  • Document project safety procedures and plans and leverage the information in the field
  • Audit project safety, conduct peer reviews, and perform daily inspections in the field to evaluate safety performance
  • Develop job safety analysis (JSA) to identify potential safety risk and mitigate hazards in advance
  • Track hazardous work Permits
  • Inspect equipment and maintain a record of inspections

PIMS Safety Mobile

  • Collect safety observations (anonymously if necessary) from your workforce easily and effectively
  • Share critical safety bulletins and issues to keep your workforce safe
  • Provide access to safety-related media and information on demand to train and support safe work in the field
  • Engage your workforce to enable participation in achieving your safety goals

PIMS SafetyPro

  • Bring project safety information and documentation into the field.
    • Audit forms are available in both web and mobile with the option to select multiple contractors per audit
  • Audit project safety, conduct peer reviews, and perform daily inspections in the field to evaluate safety performance.
    • Tap in and submit images directly from the device
  • Access relevant information to understand current activity and the critical areas needing attention from a safety perspective.
    • Review standardized PDFs and videos through Safety on Demand
    • Preview all bulletin PDF data within Bulletins
    • Contact a wellness coach role on the site directly from the device via Coach’s Connect

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